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Small Business ID

Numerically, BCU defines a Small Business as a company with fewer than 30 employees and revenues under $10 million. Descriptively, this includes family-run companies, solopreneurs, start-ups with big dreams and everything in between. But just because an organization is small shouldn’t prevent it from being a very big deal. And that’s where we come in.

BCU Defined

BCU loves Small Businesses. We’ve worked for Small Businesses for years, launched Small Businesses from the beginning and consulted Small Businesses forever. Not least, we are a Small Business ourselves. Using a variety of products, tools and metrics, we offer in-depth analysis and step-by-step action plans for business owners to prosper and grow.

BCU and You

Using powerful analytics, BCU guides Small Businesses by determining 3 things; where you are now, where you want to be and how you’re going to get there. We often begin with clients completing the assessment from The Value Builder System for an accurate picture of your current situation. From there, we customize your plan to guarantee the wanted results.



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Take our FREE Value Builder™ Business Assessment Survey

Find your place on the Small Business Life Cycle

As in life, every phase of the Small Business Life Cycle has its own particular ups and downs, characteristics, joys and challenges. Using your Value Builder™ Score as our baseline and pinpointing your place on the Life Cycle, we then customize a progressive plan to get your business working.

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When it comes to a new product or service, what’s the big idea?  Can you bring this dream to life or is it just an idle fantasy?



Planning on getting much sleep any time soon? What’s it going to take in funding and resources to get this startup up and running.



Now that you’re established, what if standing still equals falling behind? Isn’t it time to up your game and take more chances?



Isn’t it time to move into new markets? Can your resources and infastructure support such a move successfully?



Does your mature business look stale while your competition’s box fresh? Can you increase market share but stay true to your roots?



How do you sell up while you’re winding down? And what about your quality of life; is it working for you or are you working for it?    

Marketing Consulting

Most (if not all) Small Business issues are about money, that is, marketing, sales and return on investment to make more, not less. BCU can help turn around weak sales due to brand confusion, market misunderstanding, miscommunication and product misplacement and replace them with a significantly greater cash flow.

Support Services

BCU is all about teamwork. Our strategic partners – vetted, seasoned professionals from major media companies and corporate campaigns – conceive and execute branding, content creation, web and graphic design, social media marketing, email campaigns, portrait and product photography and more.


Every Small Business owner worries about retirement and what happens to their businesses should they fall ill, be unable to work or pass away. BCU has the tools for assuring a comfortable retirement and the business longevity you’ll need whether you’re planning on selling for a tidy sum or passing the company along to your heirs.

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